Hear from my Clients

Sonya and Karen are above and beyond what you might hope for from a realtor. They truly understand that this is a more than a major life decision and that your investment should be as sound as can be. They are patient, kind, and extremely caring. They are the kind of realtor that you can ask any question of and it doesn’t matter where you are in your cycle of buying a home, they will find the answer and will follow through. I had questions after closing, and they were still willing to help me find the answer or even bring me a temporary solution if there wasn’t an immediate one; whether it was finding out where my mailboxes were located or trying to fix my ice maker. Not only that, they are extremely knowledgeable and have years of experience to back this up. Most of the time, they knew the answer, but most importantly, they would never tell me something without knowing for sure. The process of buying a home can be challenging, arduous, and tedious at times. Sonya and Karen worked tirelessly to make that process as smooth as possible despite the myriad of possible negative situations that could have left me discouraged and angry. They were a beacon of hope and pillars of support and reassurance through the rollercoaster of emotions that I felt during my home buying process. I am forever grateful for their resolve, resilience, and positive attitude to get me through some of those small hurdles that seemed like mountains at the time. My whole process took eight months of hard work and dedication and I am finally in the home I can call my own, a big part thanks to Sonya and Karen.

Adam Denniston

Over the years I have bought and sold a number of properties. Some homes to live in, some houses as investments. Sonya and Karen Cunningham are number one on my list of realtors! Capable, bright, personable, caring...all top notch. Wish they were nearer at hand as the next chapters of living here and there unfold. Thanks plenty to them!

Ted & Barbara Robinson

Sonya & Karen Cunningham are the THE BEST!

Amy L.

Karen & Sonya Cunningham are fantastic. Your firm is very lucky to have such great people working! Thank you for everything!

Christina & Justin W.

I can't brag on Sonya & Karen enough! Excellent! Sonya & Karen are the Best!

Pat & Angela H.

As someone who also works in the industry, I view Karen Cunningham as the ultimate professional. Her knowledge and expertise gives her the advantage of taking the best care of her clients possible. It has always been my pleasure to work with Karen! Her excellent service, frequent communication, professionalism and dependability makes the sale process so much easier for everyone involved. She is the best and comes highly recommended in my book!

Rose K.

Working with Sonya and Karen is a real pleasure. We never doubted that they held our best interests as the priority and they guided us into a house that we love and have made a home of. We could have missed this house without their insight and guidance. As a bonus, Sonya and Karen are a blast, so the looking is fun!

Jo W. & Martha P.

The process of buying and selling real estate is complex. I believe that being represented by the right Realtor is just as important as having the best Physician, Dentist or Attorney. Karen and Sonya Cunningham have represented me in the sale and purchase of six different properties over the past 12 years, one of which was accomplished while I was living in Singapore. From establishing the sales price to making a purchase offer and the negotiations, I place all of my faith, trust and confidence in Karen and Sonya. The greatest compliment and testimony is the fact that I made certain that Karen and Sonya represented my parents in the purchase of their retirement home when they retired from Michigan to Austin.

Ben G.

To say I like to move is an understatement! Karen and Sonya Cunningham have been amazing through all my real estate adventures and on many occasions, found solutions to sometimes very complicated situations. Through every transaction, Karen and Sonya have always showed just how professional and honest they truly are and strive to make each sale more smooth than the last. Most importantly, I am proud to call them my friends!

Sarah S.

I have known and been using Karen Cunningham since 2001. I would not use anyone else for my Real Estate needs. I highly recommend her and Sonya Cunningham. They both are very knowledgeable, professional and help with all the details to make your experience either selling or buying a home very easy. 5 Star Service!

Jackie B.

Karen Cunningham and her daughter Sonya Cunningham listed our home with Sotheby's in January 2017. We have sold our residence, closing March 31 2017. We are impressed and delighted to be treated so respectively as sellers. Karen and team met our every need while also respecting our privacy, our investment and our position as a seller. Karen actually sold the property as a pocket sale. We highly recommend Karen and Sonya for their professional expertise in the Austin market and their ability to close a deal.

Steven & Becky T.